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Erma Lee McQueen II was born and raised in Michigan. She relocated to Chicago in the summer of 2008 to attend The Illinois Institute of Art where she studied Marketing & Management with a construction of Fashion.

While in art school, Erma also found her passion for hair and makeup. She currently works as a freelance Hair + Makeup artist; while constantly cultivating new beauty trends, products and techniques.

Erma has always had a passion for product innovation. She vividly remembers spending countless hours in the bathroom, as a child, mixing lotions and creams to create the perfect hair care products for her baby dolls. Her passion for creating has carried over into adulthood and evolved into what we know as LAB 6:18 today.

  • Chicago Beauty Dealer

  • Atlanta Beauty Dealer

  • Birmingham Beauty Dealer

  • The Income

    Unlike the average retail position where your schedule , location and income are all constricted.Now you have the option to make your weekly hourly paying one day.

    Sale hair extension and units wholes sale, make 10% of each of the orders you sale.

  • The Schedule

    There is NO schedule to a side hustle. You determine how much you wake based on the time you have. Depending on the work that you do, you side hustle for work.

  • The Perks

    One of the tools we provide to you as a Beauty Dealer is a custom digital business card. This card will include QR codes that links you and your customer directly to our online store , this will allow you to ring your customers out for any where in the world. Dealers also enjoy 40% their hair orders.

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